A half, full or two day program

Neal has been the silent force of inspiration behind this business when we operated as BSSBU (Blade Server Switch Business Unit) within Nortel and the inspiration behind my starting Blade Network Technologies. I met Neal in San Diego when I was at the lowest point in my professional career. His story left more than a lasting impression on me; it changed my life.
I’ve had the opportunity to hear this great man and friend tell his story three times; and have read his autobiography twice. On every one of these occasions I’ve walked away with many valuable messages.
The mantra at BLADE – No Barriers; Only Solutions is inspired by Neal’s amazing story.”   Vikram Mehta, CEO – Blade Network Technologies

Neal facilitated a leadership program with 12 of Blade’s executives the morning after the keynote planned for an hour it lasted three because they wanted more time with Neal!” When Neal’s transport arrived for the airport, the CEO and VP got in the car with Neal to continue conversations.
In 2010 IBM acquired Blade.
This leadership program will follow Neal Petersen’s No Barriers ~ Only Solutions keynote The allotted time is customized to fit a client’s program, between 1- 6 hours and can be done as a two day program as well.

No Barriers Leadership Program Content

  • Today more than ever we are navigating change and we need to be able to adapt. Join together to learn, to share and to better understand how to navigate into the future.
  • The goal of the program is to identify what the group or individual is hoping to achieve.
  • Development of their vision.
  • What are the steps to take in order to get there?
  • Discuss uncertainty, how to deal with rapid and ever changing winds, the importance of knowing when to tack, threats to the industry, alternatives to status quo and develop a philosophy that will help in achieving the vision.
  • What mechanisms are required today to find solutions to your barriers? What is failure, set-backs and how do you respond to achieve success?
  • How better to cope with the rate of rapid change and the anxiety that this brings.
  • Retaining the work force, rewarding people, reduction of cost in human capitol.
  • What is a sustainable culture for your business to thrive?


Leadership and Diversity
Today’s work force is ever changing and a new vision is needed in bringing workers of various backgrounds together for a common cause. But it is not just dealing with a diverse work force, this will demand cultural sensitivity as our world becomes more inter-related.


Leadership and Developing Relationships for Creating a Legacy

  • Define, interpret opportunities for transformation, not only for today but, for the next generation.
  • How to turn success into significance and the importance of creating your legacy. What is your impact on others and how will you be remembered.
  • The importance of solid communication to create sustainable relationships
  • Relationships, work/personal how to develop a solid foundation on which to build upon.
  • How to balance work, family and time to have fun!