You have received our highest ratings ever for a keynote speaker, and this covers hundreds of events over more than a decade. Before you, we had never had a single standing ovation, yet I can’t remember a time that you did not get one! You also go out of your way to spend time with attendees afterward. You have a magical way of inspiring people. We couldn’t have made a better choice for our thirty conferences this year. Thanks again.
Jack Mortimer
Government Technology
– Neal did 32 events for Gov Tech

“I have been very fortunate to work with Neal Petersen – we brought him in to speak to 3 of our top producer meetings. He is a great speaker and he has found ways to help financial advisers take Neal’s experiences and to apply it to their practices in such a way to grow their businesses through the tough times and enjoy the good times.” Larry Roth – CEO – Advisers Group, AIG

“Neal, very fascinating! I really enjoyed your keynote and the time I got to spend with you. You have more global-macro insight than the vast majority of advisers that I have had the opportunity to discuss such matters with – for sure.” Paul Barr – FSC Leaders Summit – July 2011

Over the last 45 years, I have heard many speakers but none better than you last week. You have a wonderful story with a great message and your ability to include relevant information about our company was impressive. Thanks for WOWing us all!
Best regards, Don Lowe – CEO – Sir Speedy
(4 years later they brought Neal back for another keynote)

“Neal again, you have delivered a powerful, dynamic keynote to our group. After your presentation to our group in Ft. Lauderdale, I thought I knew what to expect… you far exceeded my expectations and that of our team members. As you could see by the laughter, the tears, and the sustained standing ovation, your message was moving and impactful to our audience. I appreciate your professionalism!”
Don F. Lowe, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – Franchise Services, Inc.
2012 FSI Sales Forum video testimonial link

March 22, 2012
Franchise Services, Inc. recently re-hired Neal Petersen to speak at our annual Sales Forum, which was held in Raleigh, NC. Our attendees are predominantly salespeople and we traditionally hire a sales motivational speaker. This year our group was in for a big surprise when they heard Neal speak.
Many of our attendees stayed around afterwards to visit with Neal, and what I witnessed as a meeting planner was something I’ve never observed before. Neal’s genuine care and concern for our guests was evident by the length of time he spent with many of our attendees.
I actually commented to Neal that I had no idea when we hired him as a speaker; we also hired him as a career counselor and life coach. Many of our guests shared their personal struggles with Neal and how much he inspired them to break through the barriers in their own lives. I must admit, I’ve never seen so many tearful testimonials at a corporate event.
Neal’s patience and understanding went far beyond the call of any speaker we’ve ever hired.
If you’re looking to hire a speaker who has the ability to connect one-on-one with your attendees, hire Neal Petersen. He has a unique gift unlike anything I’ve ever seen in 20-plus years of corporate event planning.
Lee Ann Ohanesian 

I have heard many keynotes and frankly, Neal is the only one I will remember on my death bed. He is phenomenal. He always ends up with a standing ovation. He can speak to a group of 10 or a group of 10,000. He has a great way of personalizing his keynote to the industry to which he is speaking. He does a great amount of research and gets to know his audience prior to his keynote. He also will stay around for the remainder of the meeting or convention and offer small group discussions and be involved with the attendees.
I have no personal gain, I just feel passionately about Neal’s message and I have seen him in action and it is phenomenal.
Senior Vice President

Premier Senior Living

“I just wanted to thank you for the great message you shared with our top producers and senior management team. Your entire presentation was right on point with the goals of the meeting and was extremely well received (standing ovation!). Several advisers commented on how much they personally got from your unique story, how effective you were at incorporating relevant elements to this group, and how enjoyable it was to spend time with you… It was a pleasure working with you during the entire process. Thanks for helping us have a successful event. ” FSC Securities Corporation

“Neal AMAZING, your story and how you integrated it so well into our organization. I actually thought you were trained to do what we do. Your story obviously was very well received by the standing ovation you were given. Wonderful!” John Hancock Financial Sales Managers Conference

“It is rare that I am asked by my senior management at IBM to immediately hire a keynote speaker when he is barely off the stage to give another keynote speech the following week – but that is in fact what happened with you Neal. And I want to thank for the extraordinary presentation you gave in San Diego to 8,000, but for the follow up presentation you gave in Barcelona with virtually no prep time as well. I truly was in awe of the spirit you drove into the audience and how you made your own journey so very relevant to every person in both locations. You were nothing short of a genius! You generated some of the highest ratings and most positive feedback I have seen in many years of running WW events in this division.” Leslie Benway – IBM

“Neal is so unique to other speakers as he is so much more than a keynote, he is the “best of the best. He is PREPARED! He digs deeper and goes out of his way – to gain an in-depth understanding of where we are as a group, where we want to be and what it will take to get there. Neal is truly a leader and teaches genuine leadership, by example in all aspects of what he represents. He hit it out of the park!” April 2013

“Neal Petersen was an outstanding keynote speaker for us. His positive message of ‘No Barriers, Only Solutions’ was powerful, his preparation was impressive and showed that he knew his audience cold, his life story of hard work and success was riveting, his delivery was first-rate. Everyone was glued to their seats, and then at the end of his speech, 750 members rose up and gave him the rousing ovation he deserved. Neal was a huge hit!”
Geoff Beckwith, Executive Director, Massachusetts Municipal Association – Jan 2013