Neal and Darlene Petersen spent a year training the research team at Info-Tech Research Group in Canada become better speakers and presenters at their conferences. In addition to the training sessions, Neal also did 3 keynote addresses at their Info-Tech Live events. This is a compilation of this one year program.


2019 was a great year for the event business at Info-Tech Research Group as we had the great fortune of partnering with Neal and Darlene Petersen to not only deliver world-class keynotes at our Info-Tech LIVE event series, but also to provide coaching and mentoring to our internal staff on how to become better presenters and speakers. The impact felt was enormous.

“During the year, they provided individual and group coaching to between 40 and 50 of our analysts. They tailored their coaching sessions to the style and abilities of the coaches and received excellent feedback and results from the team.

“Neal also delivered his “Barriers” motivational keynote at each of our LIVE events over the year, starting in Orlando in the winter of 2019 where he received a standing ovation! Similar accolades followed in both Toronto and Las Vegas to crowds of 500+ people. His message clearly resonated with our members and audiences of IT leaders and professionals.

“I would heartily recommend Neal and Darlene in both keynote speaking capacity and as a presentation coach and mentor.

Gord Harrison | Senior Vice President, Research & Advisory |

Here is two examples of promotional videos that were made for the client.


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