No Barriers – The Neal Petersen Story

29 min PBS documentary on keynote speaker, adventurer and
author, Neal Petersen and his participation in the 27,0000 mile solo
race around the world. Born in South Africa in poverty and on the wrong
side of Apartheid, he was the least likely to finish this epic single
handed race.


No Barriers – The Neal Petersen Story — 5 Comments

  1. Amazing journey Neil! Totally proud to even know that we shared schools. This is utter determination to encourage everyone to persue their dream and whilst they are dreaming, to feel that dream where the the outcome is inevitable!

    Extreme passion is what I appreciated about your video and journey, well done, what a good few proud moments for you!

  2. Wow … didn’t know this and so proud of him. Also an ex-Livingstonian now living overseas so very proud of sharing same school with him. Thank you for sharing and making my day

  3. Hi Neal ! So awesome to be reminded once again of your achievement. I’m so proud to be able to say that we not only shared the same high school Livingstone together but also the same primary school. I can still vividly remember your first day at Rosmead Primary. The boy with the crutch who always entertained us with his stories of the sea. Who would’ve thought at the time it would become a reality! Absolutely brilliant and so inspiring to know that one’s dreams can come true..! I was also honoured to be one of the first South Africans to set foot on your yacht in Cape Town when you arrived here as part of your around the world race…I still have the video footage !!f All the best my friend…Michael

  4. What a truly inspirational story. It speaks wonders for the human spirit and somehow it proves the adage that what does not break you,makes you stronger.not to distract from your personal strengths I wonder when looking back you would find perhaps a teacher or relative who set you on this path.. I recall a teacher at Rosemead mr dougie Hendricks who probably had a large influence on me migrating to aus some 14years later.. I too attended living stone and left in 1956, keep up the good work

  5. Would like to talk to you about the day you sent me a report from sea after you just rounded Cape Horn. In January they will celebrate the first sail around Cape Horn that happened 400 years ago. I have interviewed sailors in Cape Town that died before they could this southern point of South America. It takes very brave men to sail around that dangerous place. Greetings from Cape Town.

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