South African – born, Neal Petersen is a world-class professional solo racing yachtsman, global investor,  award-winning author of Journey of a Hope Merchant and the subject of a PBS documentary.

Petersen has completed two amazing journeys in his life: a single-handed yacht race around the world, 27,000 miles, 9 months at sea, alone, and in the smallest yacht he designed and built himself. And an even more arduous and eventful trip of overcoming racial prejudice during the Apartheid era in South Africa, poverty, and a childhood physical disability, just to make it to the start line! While sharing his riveting life story – and philosophy, Neal’s personal messages and unique delivery will open the mind, with new hope and a determination to break down the barriers, real or perceived, that now exist and to take adversity head-on and demonstrate that with determination and hard work you can achieve your goals.

In sharing his high-impact, unique and extraordinary adventure, Neal delivers a powerful message that  “In Life There Are No Barriers – Only Solutions!”

“Neal is one of the most inspiring, dynamic and thought-provoking speakers you will ever witness, he is mesmerizing.”