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White Paper

White Paper2013-05-18T11:36:56-04:00

•    Neal Petersen’s outstanding accomplishments make him an honored and ideal speaker.  His experience and personal message can communicate in compelling and important ways the values and mission of your organization and its outstanding people.

•    He has faced many challenges in life – poverty, discrimination and other obstacles – and responded by looking for opportunities and solutions.  His experience shows that imagination coupled with determination to achieve can break through the roughest challenges.

•    Overcoming fear and facing danger and the unknown has been central to how Neal approaches his goals and his life.  The audience will be keen to understand how he balanced risk and danger with good judgment; how he coped with the unknown when making a hazardous voyage – at sea, or when working with a client.

•    Without powerful sponsorship, Neal found innovative solutions to raise funds to realize his dream.  His story of tenacious pursuit of these goals will fascinate audiences on how he found innovative solutions to raise money and awareness of his projects.

•    He has always defined himself by what he can imagine – rather than how others would define him. Neal’s description of how he sustained his dream in the face of numerous obstacles is a compelling part of his story.

•    Your audiences will want to hear him explain why he took up these extraordinary challenges.  Sailing solo around the world involves not just an exploration of the oceans, but of oneself.

•    Neal has acquired knowledge across multiple disciplines through rigorous education and training. His description of how to set ones goals and then map the steps to acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve these goals is a compelling story audiences will want to hear.

•    He possesses a great sense of adventure, a pioneering spirit, a visionary and fearless risk-taker whose goals and aspirations embrace and includes countries around the globe. Audiences will understand that you have to address the possibility of failure if one wants to achieve great things.

•    Neal’s optimism in an outcome -before he achieved it – and sets a level of expectation that inspires your teammates.

•    Establishing trust and personal responsibility is part of the foundation of leadership and achievement.  In addition to Neal’s innovative use of technology and the plain guts and determination that drove his success, audiences will want to hear about the values and ethics that frame his goals and achievements – and how these values power one’s achievements and ambition.   In particular, how did achieving his goals affect the values he held when he started out?  How did Neal’s accomplishments change his perspective?

•    Neal represents the need to constantly expand the horizon of the possible; cross new frontiers; seek out new challenges and accept no limitations within oneself or in the external environment.

•    Neal’s accomplishments demonstrate that true exploration isn’t just about what you find in the world – it’s about what you discover within yourself. It’s about an internal journey – that goes far beyond money, fame and recognition – and creates deep, internal satisfaction.  Audiences will be eager to hear what Neal learned about himself in his journeys.

•    In the same way, audience members apply their experience, insight and imagination to create innovation that matters for their clients.   Like Neal, their goal is to create a shared journey that takes people to new territories of success and creates profound internal satisfaction.

•    His message will connect with audience members’ experience facing challenges – sales quotas for instance – that may seem formidable at first – until imagination and innovation are applied.

•    Great accomplishments are not achieved alone, but in collaboration with others.  Audiences will look forward to hearing how Neal assembled and developed teams for his expeditions – teams that unite around clear, compelling and inspiring goals that deliver results. They’ll also be very interested in hearing how he not only shared innovations with his team, but how he created a team of innovative solution providers.  Like the audience members, Neal knows that success is not only about being innovative oneself, but making one’s team and clients innovative.

•    Neal’s dedication to achieving goals is an inspiring testament to all of those who seek to be in “the company of the best”

•    His ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems on a daily basis mirrors the daily challenges of audience members.  By sharing his approach to problem solving and overcoming challenges, he will provide to the audience an inspiring example of perseverance and dedication in pursuit of important goals

The common values and goals of Neal and the audience members will make for a valued experience at conferences.  Neal’s ability to apply his own attitudes, values and experiences to reflect on the values and mission of the audience will make your event a powerful and meaningful experience for all.

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